Product Photography and Fulfillment Services

We serve Maui retail stores, publishers, online retailers, and other businesses with their packing and shipping needs. Regardless of the location of your business, Hawaii Pack and Ship may provide the perfect fit to make order fulfillment run smoothly for your business. In addition, we provide professional product photography services.
Small Box Shipment
Printed Matter Shipment
Making reliable shipments for businesses is our specialty. Shipments include packaged products and publications. Sometimes there are just a few items and sometimes there are hundreds of pieces that need to be packed and shipped.
Business Order Fulfillment Services
Hawaii Pack and Ship provides reliable order fulfillment services for business retailers and manufacturers in and outside of Hawaii. We manage important back end operations and order fulfillment needs of your small to mid-sized business. Use us to assure fast response to your orders with no errors and no headaches.

We will:
Receive and securely store your products
Professionally package your orders
Ship your orders on or before the next business day
Provide tracking information
Receive and process your returns
No setup fees
No minimum transaction fees (perfect for any volume business)
Month to month
Fast, accurate service
One of our clients is one of the largest retailers on Amazon for Hawaii branded products. As they make sales, they forward the product number and buyer information to us via email. We take care of their packaging and shipping to assure the shipments are made on or before the next business day. We also ship clothing for a local retailer and printed material in First Class mailers for a marketing firm.

Regardless of your location, we can help you eliminate packing and shipping hassles. Even wholesalers and retailers outside the United States can ship their products to us in bulk and we can economically ship the individual items to North American customers. Because of our location, we may be able to get your products to your Hawaii customers cheaper and faster.

There are no long-term contracts needed for our partnership.  We have a standard business order fulfillment service agreement that can be terminated at any time.  However, our success and business growth depends on the success of our partners so we take our service to our clients very seriously.  See our business client appreciation page.
Why Us?
We are competent and easy to partner with.

Our service agreement is reasonable and there is no contract term.

We specialize in small business order fulfillment. There are no minimums.

Your Hawaiian fulfillment needs can be served better by Hawaii Pack and Ship than by a company that is located in the continental United States or elsewhere. If you ship to your Hawaiian customers from outside of Hawaii, your carrier fees can be reduced by using Hawaii Pack and Ship to fulfill your orders. For example, if you ship a five-pound item from California to Hawaii with USPS Priority Mail and it is too large to fit a flat rate box, the carrier cost will be $18.70. In contrast, our regional USPS Priority Mail carrier rate for a five-pound shipment is only $7.24.

Regional flat rate boxes can be used for similar savings.  There are more sizes of regional rate boxes available, but here are examples of the low commercial USPS carrier fees for these types of inter-island shipments:

Weight Package Type ($)
Up to 15 lb Regional Rate Box A (10 x 7 x 4.75 inches) 5.32
Up to 20 lb Regional Rate Box B (12.25 x 10.5 x 5.5 inches) 6.16
Up to 25 lb Regional Rate Box C (14.75 x 11.75 x 11.5 inches) 15.11

You can send inventory to us in inexpensive consolidated shipments, and we can economically fulfill your Hawaiian orders. Your customers will receive their items in approximately half the time so it can make sense to have your Hawaiian orders fulfilled in Hawaii. This flyer provides an example of how we can efficiently ship products to your customers on any Hawaiian island: Hawaii Fulfillment Center

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Gift basket assembly is available at Hawaii Pack and Ship.
Gift wrapping is available at Hawaii Pack and Ship.
Gift basket assembly and gift wrapping services are available.
Hawaiian style wrapping paper is used at Hawaii Pack and Ship.
Your clients can request a gift message and it will be printed on a gift tag.
Accommodate seasonal spikes.
Reduce labor hassles.
Leave inventory and work virtually.
Get your product.
Market your product.
Focus on growing your business.
Pack and ship your product.
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